Garden Orchid, the fully hardy outdoor Slipper orchid for the genuine gardener!

Orchids as indoor plants are generally very well-known. Originally, these orchids were mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions. It is less well-known that there are also orchids which grow in regions where temperatures can drop below -20°C.

These orchids protect themselves by staying under the ground in the winter, like tulips and daffodils. In the spring the shoots appear above the soil and start flowering  after just 3 to 4 weeks. It’s as if they  have no time to lose to enjoy the sun’s heat. After the flowering period, the green leaves ensure that new shoots will form underground for the following year. Every year  more and more shoots are formed, as a result of which more and more flowers grow on the same orchid plant. An especially winter-hardy orchid is the Cypripedium,  the Dutch name for which is Vrouwenschoentje. There are dozens of Cypripedium varieties, all of which, without exception, produce spectacular blooms. The Cypripedium flowers every year in May and June. Garden Orchid delivers several kinds of strong hybrids  which ensure  good growth and flowering in the ornamental garden. The plants are cultivated under controlled conditions. These sound, strong plants survive the transition to the ornamental garden well. Garden Orchid launches new varieties every year, which offer gardening enthusiasts the chance to create a varied orchid garden.

This website gives you more information on the background of these orchids, the assortment you can buy, where you should plant them and how to take care of them.